Family History Record Book Eight Generations

Space to record eight generations of your family tree, that's a whopping 254 direct ancestors, with a FULL PAGE devoted to every person.
Family History Record Book Eight Generations

This improved and extended edition of Sheridan's popular family history record book has space to record EIGHT GENERATIONS, that's a whopping 254 direct ancestors, with a FULL PAGE devoted to every person.

This book is...

  • An eight generation workbook to fill in – back to your 5 x great grandparents.
  • A clear, concise, and portable record of your family history research progress.
  • Valuable for all family historians, from beginner to advanced.
  • Useful to highlight gaps and shape your priorities as you undertake further research.

This book is NOT...

  • A family history tutorial or starter pack.
  • A replacement for genealogy software, websites, or detailed sheets and templates.

What's inside?

  • An ahnentafel index, to summarise your current knowledge and act as a table of contents.
  • A full page per person, to record yourself (or your subject) and 254 direct ancestors.
  • Double page spreads arranged in logical family groups.
  • Headings to help you to navigate quickly and easily to the parents and child of an individual.
  • Space to add key UK information and additional notes, such as military history.
  • Checkboxes to mark off the key UK documents used to support your findings.

How to buy the paperback book

The paperback book is available to order from two suppliers. My preferred supplier is the Great British Bookshop. If you buy there, you should receive a chunkier, heavier copy, made with 150 gsm paper.

Unfortunately, I cannot control the paper weight Amazon uses. The Amazon copy is printed on thinner 90 gsm paper, but I suppose this might suit you if you prefer a lighter weight book.

If you ask for a copy at your local bookshop they can probably order either version, but many bookshops refuse to order from Amazon - do feel free to ask them.

How to buy the hardback book

As above, there are two options. If you buy from the Great British Bookshop, the copy you receive will be A4, that's 210 x 297 mm. It will be on 150 gsm paper.

Amazon don't offer A4 hardbacks, so the book will be slightly shorter than A4, that's 210 x 279 mm, and will be on lighter 90 gsm paper. The content is the same, but it will be slightly compressed to fit on the page.

Is the book available on Kindle?

Nope! Because this is a workbook, it is not available on Kindle.

What's special about this book?

  • there's a full page for every ancestor.
  • each double page spread is a family.
  • checkboxes are included for all UK documents up to 2022.
  • That's my painting on the front cover!

I hope you find this book useful

Happy hunting!