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Greenwich Girl is now available

Greenwich Girl is now available, but the launch has been overshadowed by sadness.
Greenwich Girl is now available

I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet lately. Sadly, Mike's much loved mother Barbara passed away just two days before the release date for Greenwich Girl.

Some of the editing for the book was carried out while Barbara was staying with us. Sheridan used Word's 'Read Aloud' feature to pick up errors in the text, as it is often difficult to spot your own mistakes by reading alone. Barbara would sit wrapped up in a blanket while she knitted and listened intently to the book. It brought back many happy memories of her own life in the 1930s and 1940s. It was lovely to hear a constant flow of, "I remember that", "I did that", "We had one of those!"

I am sorry that Margaret and Barbara never saw the finished book, but somehow working on it in Barbara's company has made it feel like a lasting tribute and connection to both of our mothers.

The Cine Films

Over the last few weeks Sheridan has had all her family cine film digitised by Timeless Moments. You can see all the films on a dedicated playlist on YouTube, where Sheridan has added titles to these films and arranged them in chronological order. Her father John was a keen amateur photographer and he embraced cine film enthusiastically. His films date from about 1957 onwards. It is wonderful to see the people and events in the book played out in real life, even though the reproduction is not always the best due to the age and quality of the original film. Eventually, Sheridan would like to get the film digitally remastered, but that project will have to go onto the back burner for now.  She also intends to add some captions to identify people and places while you watch - but for the time being they will have to stand as they are.

How to buy the book

The paperback book is available now at the Great British Bookshop (our preferred online retailer) at £19.99, and it will be available at other outlets in due course, including Amazon and a range of trade suppliers. You can ask for a copy at your local bookshop and they should be able to order it in for you.

Greenwich Girl is also available on Kindle at £7.99. There is a long free sample on Kindle, because it is a long book!

I really hope you enjoy reading Greenwich Girl as much as I have enjoyed the fascinating and cathartic process of writing it!