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Mike's Books

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You can find both of Mike's books on Amazon via the links below, but they will soon be available from the Great British Bookshop too!

Murder in Mercury

Get the gripping first instalment of the Madison Leigh Murder Mystery series! Madison Leigh is looking after a friend's narrowboat, but what should have been a perfect holiday suddenly becomes something much more sinister when a body is found.

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"The canal boat setting sets this apart from other books. You can get a real sense of the community whilst being carried along by the storyline. It’s written well, making you want to return to the book to find out the next part of the story. The who done it was full of twists & turns so you were kept guessing until the final reveal."
"I came across this on a narowboat owners site of all places and ownloaded it about 9pm that evening and finished it about 11.30pm. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great setting and I couldn't decide who the real culprit would turn out to be so I just kept going. Easy reading and quite impelling. Hurry up with number two please. A very enjoyable read. Congrats to the author and thankyou."
"Really enjoyed this, a good quick but engaging mystery and and brilliantly descriptive of a small boating community. Looking forward to reading more."
"A must read if you love Britain's canals! Brilliant... loved it as a crime mystery and as a canal lover, authentic and accurately written by a canal enthusiast too. Can't wait for the next one."
"I have just finished this book and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it, the story had me gripped. The setting on the canal made a pleasant change to normal murder mystery books. I loved the twists and turns and am Eagerly looking forward to reading the next book, Murder at the Marina."
"Great novella. Really hooked you into the story and you can visualise the characters. Had no idea who did it until the end. Felt a little rushed, but think thats due to the length of the story, not the quality of the writing..looking forward to the full-length novel promised by this talented author."

Murder at the Marina

Get the second book in the Madison Leigh Murder Mystery series. Madison Leigh wants to get away on her narrowboat, but when a car accident leaves a stranger in a coma, a friend dies unexpectedly, and a brutal murder takes place at the marina, she is forced to put her life on hold, and discover the link between these seemingly unconnected events.

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"Entertaining Whodunnit. No sensational gore just characters who hook you in making you want to know more and continue reading to the grand reveal at the end."
"Had high hopes for this after the brilliant debut and it didn’t disappoint! Gripping plot and engaging, realistic characters. What’s particularly good is the way there’s just enough detail about boats and boat life to explain it to a novice, but not so much that it bores the experienced or distracts from the plot. Looking forward to reading more Madison Leigh adventures, just hope she never moors near me, since drama and death always seem to follow!"
"An engaging mystery - I was very pleased to be able to read about Madison's latest adventure - its also made me want to experience life on a canal (whilst via a holiday) myself! I look forward to Mike's next book."
"Really enjoyed the second book based on the canals. Another plot with so many twists it had me guessing and changing my mind till the very end. Eagerly looking forward to book 3. Such a chance to have murders based around the canals as opposed to the normal run of the mill books. If you fancy a change, definitely give Mike's book a read."
"A really good read. Twists and turns all the time, a bit of Agatha Christie about it. The first book was good but this is better."