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Sheridan's Books

You can find all of my books on Amazon, and some on the Great British Bookshop, whose paper weight is better. Please click the links to find out more about each title, and subscribe if you'd like to stay up to date and receive emails from me!

Greenwich Girl

The Family History Record Book Eight Generations

The Family History Record Book

The Family History Record Book is my original 5 generation workbook. (Hint - the 8 generation one is better!)

The Narrowboat Log Book

The Wootton Bassett Series

The first three books in the Wootton Bassett series are still in print, but I am currently combining these three titles with some further research to create a 'bumper' book, which will include some of the villages around Wootton Bassett.

As all three books are available on Kindle for £1.79, I recommend buying the Kindle versions and buying the new book when it comes out.

If you can't wait, these three books are available in paperback on Amazon:

Wootton Bassett 100 Years Ago, The Great War

tells the story of the area and its experience of the war.

Wootton Bassett 100 Years Ago, The Town

is a house by house gazetteer which tells hundreds of individual stories - some short, some long. It includes literally every house in the old parts of the town.

Wootton Bassett 100 Years Ago, The Country

extends the house by house gazetteer into Coped Hall, Stoneover Lane, Longleaze, Woodshaw, Noremarsh, Dunnington, Bath Road, Crossways, Whitehill.